Toyota Glanza

Toyota Glanza Review 2019

Toyota Glanza

Today we will talk about Toyota Glanza.

Its discussions have been going on in India for a long time, what will this car be? What features will it be?

So let us tell you that this car is shared with Maruti Company. That’s why she has copied Glanza completely to the Maruti Baleno.

The look of this car is completely like Baleno. Even so, the inner look of its outer side is completely imitated.

Now we just want to know why Toyota is launching a copy of Maruti Baleno. And if doing so, why is it doing so?

Toyota is launching Glanza company on June 6. After its launch, we will know about its colors, features, mileage, engine and its price.

Because It will be only two types of versions.

G and V are the two variants. Both have automatic and manual transmission.Its price ranges from 7.28 lakh to Rs 8.90 lakh. Only the company’s logo has been changed in the whole tax, and there is a slight change in the decor of the Exhoust system. The rest of the car is Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

All lights are led,Headlamps are also led headlights project All the names are chrome designs.Safety has 6 airbags and front disc brakes and back drumbreaks. The internal look is like Baleno complete

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