Tata harriar-big launch of the year

Tata Harrier is India’s first release car, the 2019 car was sponsored by the Tata Company in IPL.

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Tata harriar

Tata harrier stand on flor

Because In India, people were eagerly waiting for this car which was seen to be finished this year in 2019

and Harrier is the biggest launch of this year. Tata’s craze in India is growing slowly by the Tata company

In India, this car is also known as Mini Land Cruiser .

would like you to buy this car, once you know about this feature and its look, then buy this car.

Like Tata every year, this year is also moving ahead with increasing its features. Because This year, the biggest bang is the start of the year, with Tata Harrier launching, let us now talk about Tata Harrier.

Tata harrier Features


There are currently five types of colors in it

Callisto Cooper , Ariel silver , Thermisto gold , Telesto grey , Orcus white


There are four types of versions available in this

XE , XM , XT , XZ The four versions are in diesel


Transmission in it is manually


The average of Tata Harrier is 17 KMPL


Tata Harrier’s on-road price ranges from 15.27 lakh to 19.46 Lakh.

Because Tata Harrier is in Top Ten Suv at 7 no. People are very like this car, the value is very similar in its market Its scenery is so beautiful that you would like to see it Harrier Cricket was sponsored by the Tata Company in IPL, in 2019

If you want to buy it, of course buy it but once it’s worth knowing its features to its view and its capacities, because you should have full knowledge about where you want to buy it.

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The engine of 1956 cc is a big enough bootspace and It has a forward fog lens but there is no audio control system in it, the rear air conditioning duct is there.138 bhp @Power of 3750rpm.


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