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New Upcoming Hyundai Kona Electric Review.

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It’s a great deal because Finley launches. Hyundai company in India, this year’s best electric SUV Hyundai Kona, which had been waiting for a long time

It is going to be India’s first electric car, which is going to change the history of India’s automobile market.

The Hyundai Kona was first launched in Korea and Japan, followed by countries like America. And now it is completely in the international market.

If we talk about the Hyundai kona, then the goods will be imported from Korea to India. And it will be prepared in Chennai, but the important thing is that this car will be launched in India’s only Metro city on July 9.

Because it is not possible to prepare a power station for such a fast, due to which. In other cities it may take some time.

Hyundai Kona electric

The environment will not be unclean from the Hyundai Kona, there will be no pollution and will not face the inflation of petrol.

After the launch of this car, Hyundai will make its bigger presence in India Vehicle market. Hyundai launches a huge year every year, so the launch of the year 2019 is the best-ever for the company.

So now let’s talk about it’s look that’s pretty much beautiful and stylish. This is very much like people and is very attracted.

Hyundai Kona Electric External

In the font side you will meet with 2 led projector headlamp DRL. There is also the option of foglance and there is also a DRL. There is no option of grill because obviously there is an istic car then there is no need.

But the design of the grill is that the center of Hyundai’s batch is in the chrome finish. The tire is 17 inches and the disc brake is

Side mirror is very stylish with dual tonn with electric auto adjustable and indicator. It will be of body color, but also a lot of boot space. Includes spare wheel tires and toolkit.

The back look is also very great.

Hyundai Kona Electric Enternal

Inside it, the answer is not very modifiable in very perfect manner. It remembers the legroom and the handroam, the back seat is the choice of two big and one little child can sit comfortably.

Armor in which the cupboard is included in the door There is a choice of cup holder and power window.

The front seat is electric adjustable, all the control is on driver door and sterling and dashboard. There is an 8-inch display system that shows navigability and will help in audio control.

Because this car is electronic, all systems are electronic too. Included with arm rest and glove box cooling system.

The good thing that fits the sunroof car is also the sunroof. 6 airbags are seat belt reminder, speed limit sensor rear parking sensor is also available.This car is going to be a very beautiful and powerful car in the coming years of India.

What will this car cost?

The price of this car is not yet declare, but maybe 25 lakh to 30 million Indian Rupees can be. There are 7 types of color variants in the international market, so also in India.There is also an option of Keyless Car Entry in this car.

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