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Hyundai Elite i20 Review 2019.

Hyundai Elite i20 standing in exshowroom.

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So today we are going to talk about the Hyundai Elite i20. By the way, all of you know that the Hyundai company has made big bangs after launching the i20 after the Hyundai i 10 market.

The Hyundai company is a very big automobile manufacturing company, which has been changing its car every year.As it is currently launching the best car like Hyundai Venue, Hyundai verna,

Hyundai elite I20 standing in showroom.

Because the car company’s competitiveness has increased so much, the change is necessary. However, Hyundai Elite i20 is in Manufacturing India’s Chennai. If it does talk about its look It’s a great luxury and a very attractive car.

Now we will talk about what is the internal and external look of the features and facilities of this car, due to which we should buy this car or not, then let us move forward with External Look.


Let’s talk about the look of the outside, it’s a beautiful and fun car; it’s a unique design that gives it a great credit to its own car. Next, its projector is headlamp, with its fog lens under it Includes DRL option also.

Its a great grill and Chrome finish has an outline that gives a very attractive look.Hyundai has a batch and The whipper option is also available with washer.

It also includes the indicator along with its side mirror automatic foldable. And the thing behind the tail is the option of tail lamp. There is parking camera and 4 rear parking sensor is Hyundai’s logo and Elite’s batch.

It has 285 liter bootspace, it also has a luggage lamp. The lodge is a parcel tray and there is a tool kit with an spare wheel tire.Abs and Ebd have options.There is a 15-inch tire and a further disc brake and rear drum brake.


Talking about the inside look, its seat is quite good. And there is a choice of power window, there is available on all the control stairing and driver door, there are two arm rest between the front seat and the back seat, which is quite There is more space.

There is also a bottle holder on the four door, the total box in the glove box,7-inch display that helps navigational and audio controls.

The Dual Tone Dashboard And there are 6 airbags. Headroom is very good, the legroom is too much . And Remont Key is also available .


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